Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to take time out today and wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful to all of my family and friends and the outstanding support and love they give me. Because of their encouragement i finally got back to school this year, and couldn't be happier, I have a home, a family who loves me, amazing friends, a job, doing good in school, and all my fellow sisters at the Lakehouse. I love spending time on the Lakehouse, its so cool to be part of such a tightnit community of christian fangirls. God has definitly blessed me. Remember especially today to count your blessings and thank those important in your life.Hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving God bless all

Friday, November 4, 2011

Two amazing women, One special day

Hello sorry its been like an infinity since i last posted. Anyway today is November 4th which is a special day to me thanks to two very special people in my life. November 4th is my mom's birthday, but 3 years ago another meaning was added to today. Three years ago today my grandma joined God in Heaven.

These two women are so important to me. I have been blessed by having them in my life. They taught me almost everything i know about life and shaped me into the person I am today.

First let me start with my mom. I love her so much shes such an amazing person, she loves with all her heart. I knew growing up (and even now) that i could go to her for anything she was always there in my life anytime i needed her. We have become the greatest of friends and I treasure the bond I share with her and pray it continues for life. My mom was so involved in me and my sister's life. Sure sometimes we though she was too protective but at least she cared. She is the reason I am who I am today. She has taught me so many values that i use everyday in my life. I am so blessed to call her my mother, and I want to wish her the happiest of all birthdays she definitly has made my life wonderful and I hope she is blessed in life as she blessed me.

Next, My grandma, its been three years and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. She was a beautiful women. She was the mother of nine amazing children. She was the kind of person who just lit up any room she was in. She had a gentle way about her that made you want to release every burden you had on your shoulders. I will always hold the memories I have of her and me drinking tea together and just talking about boys, or school, or parents, or just life in general. I loved going to my grandparents house. Not only beause they spoiled me rotten (which they did) but i felt so welcomed there it was like my second home. She has impacted so many people in her life and the world dimmed a bit when she left. She's in heavan now looking over every single on of us and waiting for the day when we all join her there. She was such a wonderful grandma and I love her and miss her so much.

These two wonderful, amazing people God blessed me with, they had a huge impact on who I am today and who I hope to be, they have both given me so much and I hope I can make them proud to call me their daughter and granddaughter because i can't be more proud to call them mom and grandma. Love you both.

thanks for reading i will try to post again soon maybe hopefully

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm back

Wow i can't remember the last time i posted a blog post. I have been so busy with school and stuff that i completly neglected it lol. But the good news is I'm back, more good news i'm not just back on blogger but also on the Lakehouse,
   Funny story that made me decide (or remember really is more appropriate) i was on the Heruniverse website reading a blog and really wishing the forums would come back online because i missed chatting with everyone and i was browsing through the comments on her blog and several people mentioned the lakehouse i was like *facepalm* all this time i've been waiting to chat with my fellow fangirls and i could have done it all along. So as of yesterday i am back on the lakehouse ( and hopefully alot more active then i have been ) So i am really looking foward to exploring and "reconnecting" if you will with all my HU buddies and new ones to (hope that didn't sound to corny lol).

Now a kinda strange story that i will keep you posted on if or when it develolps i happened to be browsing my youtube account when i saw an email so i clicked on it and it was a casting director for a reality show that they are producing called (at least its a working title) "king of the nerds" the lady said after viewing my channel and comments on Heruniverse channel felt i was a good fit for the show and wanted me to contact her for futher info and stuff so (after googling it lol) i emailed her back and we will see where it goes. Basically the show is nerds whether sci-fi, or robotics or whatever compete for prizes. I honestly at this point don't know what to make of it but hey sounds pretty cool so we will just have to see.

Anyway thats all for now. and of course may the force be with you all

p.s : Just so all you know ( the blogs i follow) I haven't forgotten about you guys i just really need to catch up on my reading list and figure out how to post comments without being annoynomus this blogger always gives me trouble

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Harry Potter post

Hello all i'm back again.
  Not to talk about Disney or Starwars or the casey anthony case (promise the previous post was my first and last of that sort lol) but of another love of mine who can resist the Harry Potter saga, which is sadly debuting is last movie this Friday.
    I'm sure most of you like me grew up with this series i was around 10 when i started reading the books now i'm 21 and getting ready to see the last movie tommrow night/friday morning.
 Harry Potter has definitly been a part of my childhood from book premier parties to movie premiers i've been to them all and meet so many wondeful people doing so. Not to mention i started loving reading because of these books.
  I have my friend to thank for getting me started she said i had to read them so i said why not i will give it a try after the first few chapters of the first book i was pretty convinced this was not the book for me i just wasn't into it so i took a big break from it but she didn't give up she kept saying how wondeful they were i told her i tried but didn't like it she said try again get past the first few chapters and i promise you will love it so i rolled my eyes but said fine and read through it again and once i got to the part where he actually arrived at Hogwarts i was hooked. So then me and my friend teamed up to get my younger sister to read them and she feel in love instantly now shes potter obsessed way more than i am (kinda like how i am with starwars lol) I remeber being so estatic that they were making a movie out of it and couldn't wait to see it. By the second movie my sister was dressing up to go to the theater to see it. For the Fourth movie onwards we went to the midnight premier of all the movies and starting with the Fourth book went to the book store parties waiting for the release.
  I would usually have the books read in a few days until the last book was released i guess because i knew it was the last or had a suspicion it would be really sad i just couldn't bring myself to read it especially after i finally got my sister to tell me what happens and i heard about some of the deaths i was like no way can't read it now. But my sisters boyfriend teamed up with my sister to get me to read the book but i just couldn't do it. But i really wanted him to watch clone wars (see i can fit starwars into this blog somehow lol) because he is a casual starwar fan as in he knows the characters kinda but not super into it but i'm like you gotta watch the clone wars so hes like fine i will watch the clone wars (this was right after the first season was over) if you read the book so i agreed and read the book (of course we are now waiting for season 4 to premier and he has yet to watch it hes got alot of catching up to do even if i have to tie him down and force him to watch it lol) but i must admit i really enjoyed the book and i remeber thinking the movie is going to be epic especially when i heard they were going to make two movies which i think is the best decision they could have made there was no way only one movie would do the book justice.
  The first part didn't disappoint loved the movie and i'm so excited for part 2 but with it comes a sad sort of good bye to a trilogy that has been part of my life for longer than i can remember so when the end credits roll i'm pretty sure i will be bawling wookie size tears not just because of the movie its self but because this is the last one. Now i know this saga won't ever really die it will be past on for ages but still no more new movies or books or premiers. So thats my harry potter story hope you all enjoyed :D mischief managed and God bless

a jedi saddened by events in her home world

 Hello all. hey its not to bad its only been two weeks since i last posted something :D  thats an improvement anyway this post is focusing on something a little more real than my fantasyland job or the wondeful world of starwars that i love to escape to. But its something that is going on in the real world that is kinda bugging me alot.
   I'm pretty sure that some of you have heard about the Casey Anthony Case here in Florida. For those of you who don't heres a quick summary. A young mom is accused of killing her two year old daughter and disposing of the body in a nearby woods. One of the main things that sets her up for the suspicion is she didn't report her daughter missing for 31 days. (thats the really quick version) anyway she went on trial and was actually found not guilty of any charges except lying to police and with time served already she is set to get out this sunday
  NOW Please don't think this blog is my whole opinon of the trial its not i promise whats done is done and i really think the jurors did the right thing like they said there was no evidence to support it.
What has me really concerned and kinda saddened is all the negativity of this case i mean people are calling her a baby killer and sending threats left and right to her and her family and even targeting the jurors.
 Yet these people have absolutly no proof she did it but for like three years now the media in my opinon has been painting Casey has a killer and thats what people believe they refuse to believe that she may be innocent in the case. Yes its funny that she didn't report it for so long and partied afterwards but who are we to judge i mean it could be her way of grieving by just completly blocking it out.
  Reguardless of people's views of the case its so sad to see how narrow minded and self righteous people are the only one with the right to judge is God. He even says "Let him without sin cast the first stone"-John 8:7. Yet people think its okay to stalk her and threaten death on her and trash her like they are so perfect. others say well she will have to deal with God. Guess what people shes not the only one. Why can't people live in peace and not judge others so harshly.
 Whats really sick is those who target the jury simply because they did their civic duty but came with an outcome they didn't agree with. so these self righteous people decide lets threaten them a restraunt even refused service to the jurors really people its a sad world we live in I think espeically when i see things like this.
  Anyway sorry this was more of a rant then a blog post but its something that i really needed to say thanks for reading i promise the next post will be more fun and lively and not so negative lol
  May God bless and may the force be with you always

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away... i posted something :D

 Wow i was thinking yesterday how i really abandoned this blog i haven't posted anything in a long long while. I have been super busy the past few months with a certain starwars event at Disney world lol :D i will talk more about that later.
  Just a quick note i have been reading some of your blogs and have tried to post comments but my stubborn computer wouldn't let me so just know i haven't been abadoning you guys i just for some reason couldn't comment hopefully i will figure it out soon. You all have awsome blogs :D

Now some of you know the last few months i have been attending starwar weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios and had such a blast. This event combines the two things this blog focuses on Disney and Starwars. Luckily being a Cast member i was able to go all 12 days. I have made so many new friends and got to finally meet a friend i had online for a while..
   Jedi~chick it was soo good to see you at Disney and especially seeing Obiwan and beyond with you  you and your whole family was awsome i'm so glad we got to meet.
 In addition to meeting new people me and my sister also got the oppurtunity to meet some incredibly nice and wonderful celebrites we got to see James Arnold Taylor, who was one of the best hosts the event has ever had hes so talented and soo kind. Daniel Logan who was really really sweet. Dave Filoni, such an awsome funny guy, he even took the time to answer a question for my sister.  Bruce Spence who was really such a nice guy he took the time to not only sign my poster but also gave me a signed headshot and my sister got him to hold her starwars bear for the picture. Dee Bradly Baker such a funny kind talented person.
  we also got to see Matt Lanter, oh my goodness i was so excited to see him. he was so nice. Jeremy Bulloch whos is just simply awsome. Peter Mayhew who is such a legend and really really kind. Tom Kane, really talented and super awsome. Ray Park, who actually remembered us from the year before and loved our costumes he was so much fun to talk to and so down to earth a really really great guy and of course the wonderful Ashley Eckstein we actually got to see her twice. she remembered us from before and talked to us for at least 5 minutes she was so friendly and it was really an honor to meet her again.
 In addition to meeting celebrites we got to see awsome starwar characters some of which we really got to know mainly because we kept coming over and over again. and i actually got a hug from rex sooo happy i was like okay i'm done now lol.
  In addition we also got some awsome merchandise mainly i got t-shirts i got the starwar weekend t-shirt and got it signed by some of the characters and i also got the two new HerUniverse shirts the poster one i got signed by Ashley love both designs and now i wear them all the time :D
    But sadly all good things must come to an end until next year and i can't wait especially with celebration 6 right after next year will definitly be a starwars year.

After Starwar weekends i relaxed alot working four days a week and then playing the other 3 for like four weeks really took its toll a week or so later (last week) we had vbs (or what we call it now catholic kids camp) at our church the theme was PandaMania and i was assisting with the sing and play part it was so much fun seeing Christ Alive in all the Children and watching them learn about God and develop or strenghten their own bond with God. I had a blast and in doing so really reconnected with God.

Now i'm trying to get back to my normal routine still working for the mouse and having a blast and also working to getting back to school to become a teacher. I will defintly try to be a little better at keeping up to date with my posts thanks for reading may God bless Have a Magical day and of course may the force be.. well you know the rest :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I know i haven't posted in a long while but i wanted to come on and wish all of you a very Happy Easter. I think Easter is one of the happiest holidays there is its the pivoital point in Faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus there really is nothing. But Jesus did Rise after dying to take away our sins. Lent is the most beautiful time of year because it ends with Easter. Where God fulifilled his promise and saved us by having Jesus rise from the dead .

I hope God blesses you and your family on the joyous day.