Thursday, March 31, 2011

My starwars story

Well it is definitly a dark and stormy day here in Central Florida i really hope it clears up before i have to leave for work in the evening.

Anyway since my last post focused on the "mouse" part of my blog. I thought this post should focus on the "Jedi" part of the blog. and what better place to start then "my starwars story" or in other words how i became a starwar fangirl :D

The story actually starts with my sister. Me and my sister were attending a mission camp with our church's youth group (back in 2005). The camp was in North Carolina but after the camp was over we stopped in south carolna to go to a water park and late that evening we were going to attend a movie. We were able to go to which ever movie we wanted to (i ended up seeing Batman). Only one boy in our group decided to see Starwars ROTS. The youth minisiter asked if he was okay seeing a movie by himself and even though he said he was my sister i guess felt bad and decided she would see starwars with him so he wouldn't be alone.

Of course she ended up loving it and when we got home she wanted to rent all the other movies to watch i think the next one she watched was A New Hope but i still wasn't interested.

I do recall her telling me over and over again the events that happened in Rots like anakin (who was just some dude to me at the time) gets burned in Lava which i thought was pretty cool because despite how hard she decided to explain it i thought he was just a bad guy. But still i wasn't that interested i mean i though all right maybe one day i will watch it but who really cares.

Then she was watching i think attack of the clones and i came in the room and saw Anakin and obiwan on the screen and i was like who are they and she explained and then i started asking a whole bunch of questions finally she got tired of it and told me to "Just watch it" so i did and fell in love with it from that day on.

with the prequels anyway i still really didn't care much for the OT i mean i knew the general plots of each of the movies and i have seen bits and pieces then but i didn't want to sit down and watch them so i actually didn't until this past year i finally said I love the prequels and i love Clone wars but everyone keeps talking about these darn Original Trilogy and when i get in discussions with other fans they tell me they are way better than the originals and though i completly disagreed i really didn't have an argument because how can i say the prequels are better if i never seen the OT it wasn't fair. I also wanted to know what everyone was talking about so I finally brought myself to watch them all and LOVED them though now i can truthfully and farily say that i still love the prequels alot more. I'm glad i gave the OT a chance now i have the whole story

only watching the three prequel movies and clone wars was like only reading half a book or watching half a movie and stopping without seeing the ending.Once i watched the OT though i was able to connect it with the prequels and finally i got the complete story

So there you have it thats my starwars story.

at the risk of being a little random here i just got to say I CAN'T WAIT TILL FRIDAY CLONE WARS SEASON 3 FINALE

with that said may the force be with you all and hope everyone has a great week thanks for reading

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working for the mouse

Soo sorry i have not written is sooo long. Been busy and yes a little lazy. This post is going to focus on the "mouse" part of the blog.
   One of the main questions i get asked alot is "how do you like working at Disney?"  I usually respond with "Love it" which is true for the most part. Disney is a fantastic place to work. I love what Disney stands for and i love the postivie atmosphere. I mean where else can you go to work and get paid to blow bubbles, sprinkle a princess (or prince) with pixie dust or even go on a giant hunt. Each day brings new adventures and i do truly love it.
   Not to mention landing this job has been so benefical to me i used to be super shy and even though i'm still struggling with that. Disney has brought me out of my shell and giving me a new confidence in myself. I have made some wonderful friends at work and look foward to seeing my co-workers at work. We know how to have fun and that makes it enjoyable. Add all of that too the perks we get as cast members like free admission and discounts and i say its a pretty great job.

However like any job its not all fun and games there are some bad days and some hard parts. One of the biggest ones and really this goes for any job where you work with the public people can be downright rude especially when their dream vacation isn't going exactly as planned. You tend to get blamed a lot for things that you have nothing to do with and sometimes you have to accept that there is absolulty nothing you can do to change someones mood no matter how hard you try. I often think of my job description as to just make people happy which is so much fun but its also not possible some people honestly choose to be angry or upset and they want to make sure everyone else knows it. I have definitly had my share of upset less than diserable guests.
   So a little thing to keep in mind next time your at a store or restraunt or wherever take the time out to smile and say thank you or even just HI i can't tell you how many guests don't say nothing to indicate that they are talking to a human. and it makes a differnece. and also this is from personal experince you are more likely to get helped if your nice. Example if you come up to me and start yelling at me or blaming me for something that happened and being rude i will do what i have to to make you settle down but i will not go out of my way to help you. However if you have a problem and leave blame out of your explanation and are nice about it (which i know can be hard but remember alot of times its either an innocent mistake or the person your complaining to had nothing to do with it its very rare that an employee no matter where they work is going to intentionally be mean to you)  then i will do absolutly everything in my power to make sure the problem is resolved and compensated for and make sure you leave happy.

So to answer the question i do truly love my job and plan on spending several more years with the Disney company. i just wish (and this will be the case anywhere you work with public) that some people remember their manners :D

May the force be with you all and thanks for reading