Friday, November 4, 2011

Two amazing women, One special day

Hello sorry its been like an infinity since i last posted. Anyway today is November 4th which is a special day to me thanks to two very special people in my life. November 4th is my mom's birthday, but 3 years ago another meaning was added to today. Three years ago today my grandma joined God in Heaven.

These two women are so important to me. I have been blessed by having them in my life. They taught me almost everything i know about life and shaped me into the person I am today.

First let me start with my mom. I love her so much shes such an amazing person, she loves with all her heart. I knew growing up (and even now) that i could go to her for anything she was always there in my life anytime i needed her. We have become the greatest of friends and I treasure the bond I share with her and pray it continues for life. My mom was so involved in me and my sister's life. Sure sometimes we though she was too protective but at least she cared. She is the reason I am who I am today. She has taught me so many values that i use everyday in my life. I am so blessed to call her my mother, and I want to wish her the happiest of all birthdays she definitly has made my life wonderful and I hope she is blessed in life as she blessed me.

Next, My grandma, its been three years and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. She was a beautiful women. She was the mother of nine amazing children. She was the kind of person who just lit up any room she was in. She had a gentle way about her that made you want to release every burden you had on your shoulders. I will always hold the memories I have of her and me drinking tea together and just talking about boys, or school, or parents, or just life in general. I loved going to my grandparents house. Not only beause they spoiled me rotten (which they did) but i felt so welcomed there it was like my second home. She has impacted so many people in her life and the world dimmed a bit when she left. She's in heavan now looking over every single on of us and waiting for the day when we all join her there. She was such a wonderful grandma and I love her and miss her so much.

These two wonderful, amazing people God blessed me with, they had a huge impact on who I am today and who I hope to be, they have both given me so much and I hope I can make them proud to call me their daughter and granddaughter because i can't be more proud to call them mom and grandma. Love you both.

thanks for reading i will try to post again soon maybe hopefully

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful post Michelle!!! :) God bless you and your family. <3

    Love you,
    Jedi~Chick <3


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