Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a jedi saddened by events in her home world

 Hello all. hey its not to bad its only been two weeks since i last posted something :D  thats an improvement anyway this post is focusing on something a little more real than my fantasyland job or the wondeful world of starwars that i love to escape to. But its something that is going on in the real world that is kinda bugging me alot.
   I'm pretty sure that some of you have heard about the Casey Anthony Case here in Florida. For those of you who don't heres a quick summary. A young mom is accused of killing her two year old daughter and disposing of the body in a nearby woods. One of the main things that sets her up for the suspicion is she didn't report her daughter missing for 31 days. (thats the really quick version) anyway she went on trial and was actually found not guilty of any charges except lying to police and with time served already she is set to get out this sunday
  NOW Please don't think this blog is my whole opinon of the trial its not i promise whats done is done and i really think the jurors did the right thing like they said there was no evidence to support it.
What has me really concerned and kinda saddened is all the negativity of this case i mean people are calling her a baby killer and sending threats left and right to her and her family and even targeting the jurors.
 Yet these people have absolutly no proof she did it but for like three years now the media in my opinon has been painting Casey has a killer and thats what people believe they refuse to believe that she may be innocent in the case. Yes its funny that she didn't report it for so long and partied afterwards but who are we to judge i mean it could be her way of grieving by just completly blocking it out.
  Reguardless of people's views of the case its so sad to see how narrow minded and self righteous people are the only one with the right to judge is God. He even says "Let him without sin cast the first stone"-John 8:7. Yet people think its okay to stalk her and threaten death on her and trash her like they are so perfect. others say well she will have to deal with God. Guess what people shes not the only one. Why can't people live in peace and not judge others so harshly.
 Whats really sick is those who target the jury simply because they did their civic duty but came with an outcome they didn't agree with. so these self righteous people decide lets threaten them a restraunt even refused service to the jurors really people its a sad world we live in I think espeically when i see things like this.
  Anyway sorry this was more of a rant then a blog post but its something that i really needed to say thanks for reading i promise the next post will be more fun and lively and not so negative lol
  May God bless and may the force be with you always

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