Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm back

Wow i can't remember the last time i posted a blog post. I have been so busy with school and stuff that i completly neglected it lol. But the good news is I'm back, more good news i'm not just back on blogger but also on the Lakehouse,
   Funny story that made me decide (or remember really is more appropriate) i was on the Heruniverse website reading a blog and really wishing the forums would come back online because i missed chatting with everyone and i was browsing through the comments on her blog and several people mentioned the lakehouse i was like *facepalm* all this time i've been waiting to chat with my fellow fangirls and i could have done it all along. So as of yesterday i am back on the lakehouse ( and hopefully alot more active then i have been ) So i am really looking foward to exploring and "reconnecting" if you will with all my HU buddies and new ones to (hope that didn't sound to corny lol).

Now a kinda strange story that i will keep you posted on if or when it develolps i happened to be browsing my youtube account when i saw an email so i clicked on it and it was a casting director for a reality show that they are producing called (at least its a working title) "king of the nerds" the lady said after viewing my channel and comments on Heruniverse channel felt i was a good fit for the show and wanted me to contact her for futher info and stuff so (after googling it lol) i emailed her back and we will see where it goes. Basically the show is nerds whether sci-fi, or robotics or whatever compete for prizes. I honestly at this point don't know what to make of it but hey sounds pretty cool so we will just have to see.

Anyway thats all for now. and of course may the force be with you all

p.s : Just so all you know ( the blogs i follow) I haven't forgotten about you guys i just really need to catch up on my reading list and figure out how to post comments without being annoynomus this blogger always gives me trouble


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!! :D YAY!!!!!! :D

    I'm really happy you're back to posting on TLF and on your blog!!!! :D Love ya!

    JC <3

  2. aww thanks i'm so glad to be back missed you all and thanks for the warm welcome back


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