Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away... i posted something :D

 Wow i was thinking yesterday how i really abandoned this blog i haven't posted anything in a long long while. I have been super busy the past few months with a certain starwars event at Disney world lol :D i will talk more about that later.
  Just a quick note i have been reading some of your blogs and have tried to post comments but my stubborn computer wouldn't let me so just know i haven't been abadoning you guys i just for some reason couldn't comment hopefully i will figure it out soon. You all have awsome blogs :D

Now some of you know the last few months i have been attending starwar weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios and had such a blast. This event combines the two things this blog focuses on Disney and Starwars. Luckily being a Cast member i was able to go all 12 days. I have made so many new friends and got to finally meet a friend i had online for a while..
   Jedi~chick it was soo good to see you at Disney and especially seeing Obiwan and beyond with you  you and your whole family was awsome i'm so glad we got to meet.
 In addition to meeting new people me and my sister also got the oppurtunity to meet some incredibly nice and wonderful celebrites we got to see James Arnold Taylor, who was one of the best hosts the event has ever had hes so talented and soo kind. Daniel Logan who was really really sweet. Dave Filoni, such an awsome funny guy, he even took the time to answer a question for my sister.  Bruce Spence who was really such a nice guy he took the time to not only sign my poster but also gave me a signed headshot and my sister got him to hold her starwars bear for the picture. Dee Bradly Baker such a funny kind talented person.
  we also got to see Matt Lanter, oh my goodness i was so excited to see him. he was so nice. Jeremy Bulloch whos is just simply awsome. Peter Mayhew who is such a legend and really really kind. Tom Kane, really talented and super awsome. Ray Park, who actually remembered us from the year before and loved our costumes he was so much fun to talk to and so down to earth a really really great guy and of course the wonderful Ashley Eckstein we actually got to see her twice. she remembered us from before and talked to us for at least 5 minutes she was so friendly and it was really an honor to meet her again.
 In addition to meeting celebrites we got to see awsome starwar characters some of which we really got to know mainly because we kept coming over and over again. and i actually got a hug from rex sooo happy i was like okay i'm done now lol.
  In addition we also got some awsome merchandise mainly i got t-shirts i got the starwar weekend t-shirt and got it signed by some of the characters and i also got the two new HerUniverse shirts the poster one i got signed by Ashley love both designs and now i wear them all the time :D
    But sadly all good things must come to an end until next year and i can't wait especially with celebration 6 right after next year will definitly be a starwars year.

After Starwar weekends i relaxed alot working four days a week and then playing the other 3 for like four weeks really took its toll a week or so later (last week) we had vbs (or what we call it now catholic kids camp) at our church the theme was PandaMania and i was assisting with the sing and play part it was so much fun seeing Christ Alive in all the Children and watching them learn about God and develop or strenghten their own bond with God. I had a blast and in doing so really reconnected with God.

Now i'm trying to get back to my normal routine still working for the mouse and having a blast and also working to getting back to school to become a teacher. I will defintly try to be a little better at keeping up to date with my posts thanks for reading may God bless Have a Magical day and of course may the force be.. well you know the rest :D


  1. Aww!!! Thanks! I had a blast too. :)

    I know! Star Wars Weekends was insanely fun! I had a great time, even if I was there for only one day. You're so lucky you got to go to ALL four weekends! :D

    Camp sounds like so much fun! :) That's great!!!

    Haha, hard to get back into a routine. xD I can relate. :P Good luck at school!!!
    ;) May the Force be with You too. :D


  2. Glad to see you back in the Blogging world! *hugs* Sounds like you had a blast at Star Wars weekends!


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